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We offer the most outstanding deep cleaning service that creates a cleaner and healthier home for you and your loved ones, with our 200% satisfaction guarantee, we know you will love our results. Our deep home cleaning services in Miami will make your home feel like new.

Differences between deep cleaning houses and regular cleanings

Many people ask us what is the difference between a regular cleaning and a deep cleaning. The difference is in the amount of work and time we put into the details.

Deep cleaning requires more time and effort, so it is more expensive than a regular cleaning. We always do a deep cleaning when we start working with a client. Keep in mind that this will only be the first time we clean or if you let a couple of months go by between cleanings. If you continue to work with us and keep your home clean, you will only need a regular cleaning afterwards and the time, effort and general supplies we will use will be much less and therefore we will charge you less.

What are the benefits of deep house cleaning?

Cleaning your home requires a great deal of energy and time, which is one of the first things to consider. If you work full time and your spouse also works full time and has children to care for, you may not have the time to maintain a tidy home. Conversely, if you do have the time, you probably don’t have the energy to thoroughly clean your home. That’s why you can count on deep cleaning services to give you more free time to focus on more important aspects of your life, such as relaxing.

Professional cleaners will thoroughly clean your home because they have special products and equipment to do so. With them comes their expertise to quickly spot things that need to be addressed in your home to make it look spotless. With the time it takes us to scrub and dust to make our home look great, it’s likely that professional cleaners can do it faster and more efficiently than if we were to do it on our own.

When you come home to a clean house, it’s much nicer than walking into a messy house, especially after a tiring day at work. If you have kids and pets that mess, then I can be downright boring. When you spend time relaxing, you will be less stressed and revitalized by spending time with family instead of cleaning.

Professional cleaners can clean your floors and furniture more thoroughly and progressively, making your decor last much longer than normal. Some cleaners can wax hardwood floors, seal carpets or even shampoo them. With normal wear and tear, you could save money with good maintenance of your floors and carpets by not having to replace them for much longer.

If you want the air in your home to be better, you can hire a cleaner to vacuum, shampoo your carpet and dust, scrub and disinfect everything in your home to improve air quality. Asthmatics benefit greatly from cleaner air noticing an almost immediate difference in their respiratory conditions. When your air is consistently clean, it also reduces the risks of your children developing allergies or asthma.

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What does deep cleaning a house include?

  • Removing cobwebs
  • Dust removal
  • Clean vents
  • Clean ceiling fans
  • Clean shelves
  • Clean door frames inside and out
  • Dust and clean doors
  • Dust, vacuum and clean window blinds
  • Clean window sills
  • Clean sockets and switch plates
  • Clean baseboards
  • Vacuum room edges
  • Sweep, vacuum and mop all floors
  • Take out trash


  • Clean the cabinet if possible
  • Clean furniture and mirrors.
  • Clean trinkets
  • Vacuum room edges
  • Sweep, vacuum and mop all floors and carpeting

Living and Dining Room

  • Cleaning and dusting furniture
  • Clean furniture legs
  • Clean mantle
  • Clean trinkets
  • Vacuum sofas and fabric furniture
  • Clean fireplace (if possible)
  • Sweep, vacuum and damp mop floors


  • Cleaning and dusting furniture
  • Clean furniture legs
  • Clean mantle
  • Clean trinkets
  • Vacuum sofas and fabric furniture
  • Clean fireplace (if possible)
  • Sweep, vacuum and damp mop floors


  • Clean and degrease the outside of the cabinets.
  • Clean and degrease the hob and extractor hood.
  • Clean and sanitize the microwave oven
  • Clean top of refrigerator (if possible)
  • Clean the outside of the refrigerator
  • Move stove and refrigerator to clean underneath them (if possible)
  • Clean other appliances
  • Clean stove
  • Clean, sanitize and disinfect counters
  • Clean, scrub, sanitize and disinfect sinks
  • Clean and polish chrome surfaces
  • Sweeping, vacuuming and mopping floors

Laundry room

  • Clean shelves
  • Clean dryer and washer
  • Sweep under washer and dryer (if possible)
  • Clean outside of cabinets
  • Damp mop floors

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